• Ethan Nemeth

5 Travel Apps Everyone Needs

Technology has forever changed the way we travel. Anyone with a smartphone can get directions, restaurant recommendations, and a list of top things to do in virtually any city around the world. It seems there's an endless list of apps to help enhance your travel experience, here are five that I think everyone should have. (In no particular order).

#1 Google Maps - T0 Get Directions

This brilliant application can be very helpful when getting around an unfamiliar city. Google Maps can show you live traffic conditions, 360° panoramic street views, and the quickest route to your destination by car, foot, or bicycle. Directions can be downloaded to access offline if you don't have cellular data, which is helpful when traveling abroad.

#2 Mobile Passport - To Skip Long Customs Lines

This app is government approved and designed to save you time when entering the United States. Mobile Passport is one of the most beneficial apps on this list because it can save you hours waiting in line. You upload your passport information, (and anyone traveling with you), along with a clear image of your face and you're all set! Upon landing you can open the app, select the airline you flew on, then answer a couple of questions. Essentially, you're answering the questions the border inspection officers would ask you, except on your phone. Once you get to passport control you will see a line that says mobile passport and has the app icon. I use this whenever I'm coming back into the U.S. and I've never waited more than 10 minutes. The mobile passport line is almost always empty, even when normal lines can have wait times of an hour or more.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Photo Credits to Google Play

#3 Moovit - To Use Public Transportation

When you're in an unfamiliar city, using public transportation can be intimidating. Subways and buses can often be confusing and for this reason, many people avoiding taking them altogether. Moovit is an excellent application that shows you which bus/train/other forms of transportation to take in order to reach your destination. It will give you different options and display the estimated time it will take for each one. I love this app because it shows you where to walk to find a bus stop or subway station, how many stops to stay on, the time it will take vs walking, biking, Uber, etc. It's a great app everyone should have when traveling!

An example route, photo credit to the Moovit App

#4 Postmates - For Food Delivered To You

One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to try new and exciting food! I love going out and getting a good meal, but there are also many times I love staying in. For all the time spent in airport hotels, jet-lagged and not wanting to go out, or just simply wanting to relax in the hotel room and watch movies, there's postmates! This great app shows you all the restaurants in the area and and guarantees delivery within a certain amount of time. I've used many food deliver services in the past such as UberEats, DoorDash, etc. This one is by far my favorite.

#5 TripAdvisor - To find the best things to do

This is a great app to find highly rated attractions, tours, and other things to do anywhere in the world. You can see what people enjoyed and what they thought was overrated. In addition to this, you can also see highly rated restaurants and make reservations through the app. There are also many more features, making it great for your next trip.

These five apps are some of my favorite ways to enhance my travel experience. I hope they make it on your next trip! What's your favorite travel app?