• Ethan Nemeth

A Review Of The InterContinental Singapore

I am excited to tell you that I am writing this post from Indonesia! I arrived at The Ritz-Carlton in Bali a couple of days ago, (I'll be reviewing this property soon), and will be staying here for a little bit before counting on to Indonesia!

A few nights ago I stayed at The InterContinental in Singapore. This wasn't just my first time at that property, but my first time ever staying at an InterContinental, and in this post I'll be reviewing the property and giving my two cents.

The Location:

I didn't find the location to be particularly good or bad. It was near a metro stop, had restaurants nearby, and attached to a mall on the far side. However, it seemed many of the main attractions in Singapore required a taxi or transit so for that reason I remain impartial to judging the location.

The Main Entrance

The Lobby & Check-In:

Above is a photo of the main entrance to the hotel. The exterior has a nice design to it and the lobby, (along with the rest of the hotel), was elegantly designed.

Checking in was easy and pleasant with the friendly staff. We were able to check in early and granted late check out at 2 pm the following day. The rest of the first floor was gorgeous and the lobby contained a nice sitting area along with a restaurant serving high tea when we arrived.

The Room:

We stayed in a standard room with two double beds on the 13th floor. The room was very well appointed and the finishes were well done. Below are a few photos I took when we first arrived:

The beds were very comfortable and had a range of room controls on both sides. The room also had a sitting area, desk, large TV, and ample room in the entering hallway.

The Mini fridge was fully stocked and along with that, there were many different kinds of tea and coffee.

The bathroom was large and luxurious with electronic lighting and heat controls. Not to mention I love marble, and marble it was.

The Fitness Center & Pool:

Workout facilities were very nice at this hotel. The gym was a good size and had many modern machines where you could watch YouTube or Tv from. there was even an additional room for yoga/floor exercises, (you can see this in the photo below at the end of the hallway, where the colorful yoga matts are hung up), Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the pool, but it was outdoors and very nice! Here are some photos of the fitness center:


I found The InterContinental to be a very nice hotel. The facilities, rooms, staff were all great. However, nothing about the hotel felt over the top. It defiantly did feel like a 5-star hotel but nothing stood out to me as incredible, which often makes paying the extra money to stay at a hotel that nice worth it. If I were traveling for business, I would defiantly recommend this hotel. However, there are a lot of nice hotels in Singapore and personally, I would try another one next time.

Have any of you stayed at an InterContinental and if so, what did you think?