• Ethan Nemeth

Delayed At LAX, A Review Of American Airlines Admirals Club At LAX (Terminal 5)

Updated: May 11, 2019

Hello from the Admiral's Club! I'm currently delayed at LAX for a few hours so I decided to head on up to the American Airlines Admirals Club in terminal 5. This is a lounge I've visited a few times but it's been a while since my last trip that brought me to terminal 5 and I wanted to review the pros and cons of the club, so here goes!

Checking In To Lounge

The lounge is located in the middle of Terminal 5 on the second floor. I am traveling with my girlfriend Taylor and my good friend Madison. We were greeted immediately when walking in by a very friendly employee who quickly had us all set to enjoy our time in the lounge. She also helped us with the WiFi and shower suites.

Sitting Areas

The lounge wasn't particularly big compared to other American Airlines lounges but still had a good amount of seating. Below are some photos of different seating areas throughout the lounge.

I do appreciate the number of different seating options throughout the lounge. I also like that there are plugs at almost every seat and great spaces to work and relax. However, I do wish they had some type of reclining chair so guests with longer layovers could get some sleep.

The Food

American Airlines generally had the same thing more or less at all admirals clubs in terms of food. A buffet with some type of soup, fruit, bar snacks such as pretzels, yogurt balls, check mix, veggies, hummus and pitta chips, brownies, cookies, etc. It's almost always around the same, but I find the food to be good for snacking and the drink selection is great with all types of soft drinks, a great coffee machine, and a full bar.

The Shower Suites

Another feature I enjoy at this lounge is the ability to take a shower. The shower suites are large and provide a good chance to freshen up before a flight.

Overall Experience

All things said and done, this is a pretty good lounge. The WiFi is fast, there's plenty of nice seating options, views of planes coming and going, food to snack on and some other amenities that make it a favorable place to relax or get some work done before a flight.

What's your favorite airport lounge?