• Ethan Nemeth

Detroit To Iceland On Delta for $450

I'm always on the lookout for good deals and living in Detroit, (primarily dominated by Delta's hub), I frequently search for the lowest international fares Delta publishes. Recently, Delta put out some pretty attractive fares to Iceland.

Right now you can book flights from Detroit to Reykjavik, Iceland roundtrip for less than $450. On that note, WOW Airlines has often published fares less than this but since WOW Airways has gone out of business, this is the best alternative option. There are also many perks of flying on a full-service carrier such as a free carry on, meals, first checked bag free, more comfortable seats, in-flight movies, etc. All things that would cost you extra or are unavailable on many low-cost carriers such as WOW Airlines.

Flights from the U.S. to Europe can be very expensive so to see fares this low, especially direct fares on a legacy carrier is rare. There are many dates available from September - February. To check dates and prices, head on over to Delta's website and click "flexible dates" on the bottom left corner of the calendar.

Photo Credit to Delta.com

This should display a wide range of dates and prices throughout those days.

Photo Credit to Delta.com

If you live in Detroit, (or nearby), and want to travel to Iceland, now's the time to book!