• Ethan Nemeth

Digit: Awesome App to Save Money

I'm always looking for new and creative travel-related apps to share with you guys and I came across one I think is pretty cool. The app is called Digit and its goal is to help you save money. Now, this doesn't have to be travel related but since many people do aim to save for vacations, I figured it would be worth writing about.

What It Is:

Digit is an app you can download that links with your bank to analyze your spending patterns and help you save money. The app can tell you how much you need to be saving and what you can and can't afford to spend on food, shopping, etc. (more on this below).

How It Works:

After setting up your account, (this takes 2-3 minutes), the app will take you through a brief orientation of how things work. Following this, you create a savings goal. Maybe you want to save $300 by August for a weekend getaway or $5,000 by next year for a family vacation. Regardless of how much or how quick you wish to save, the app helps you with all of that.

Once you've set your goal, Digit will start saving for you in small amounts. The app takes small amounts of money from your bank and puts it into your savings fund. The idea behind that is that you probably won't miss that $1.80 it took on Monday or the $2.45 it took on Friday. Sooner or later these small amounts build up and you've managed to save! The app can save more or less depending on what you're looking for and you can set a maximum daily savings limit, (mine is set to a couple $ a day).

Digit App Homepage

Other Cool Features: Something else the app can do that I find helpful is have a conversation with you via text. That might sound kind of weird but it's actually pretty cool. Since the app analyzes your spending, paychecks, and all other transactions, it has an idea of what you spend every week. This allows it to make suggestions in the form of a text. For example, when you open the app you can type in something like "Hey Digit, can I afford to buy a pair of shoes that costs $50?" The app will respond with something like "Yes you can, but your daily spending limit will be reduced by ___ until this upcoming Sunday! It's a feature that works in a simple way but is very helpful when trying to save.

Overall I think this is a cool way to save in general and a great way to make that next trip happen! If you're interested in the app, click through this link to get a $5 referral bonus once the app starts saving for you. Happy saving!