• Ethan Nemeth

How to Eat At Amazing Restaurants All Over The World

Have you ever seen a photo of a beautiful restaurant or an image of a dish that looks out of this world? (Probably a dumb question because I'm sure we all have). There are so many cool places to dine on this earth and more often than not a unique restaurant or food experience you can partake in virtually anywhere you travel to.

More recently when I've traveled and for future upcoming trips, there have been a few key things I've done or plan to do to ensure an awesome gastronomy experience. They definitely aren't full proof, but next time you travel, try doing any of these three things to end up having a really cool meal:

1. Google

This may sound like a basic kind of thing, but using the internet can help you find so many fascinating places to eat. Try searching "cool restaurants in _______" or "unique dining experiences in ______". It sounds basic but it's crazy how many interesting places you can find by doing a quick search. The is a great way to plan a dining experience or find inspiration for what or where to eat before you step foot in that city.

2. Check Reviews

This is something that can really take your vacation from a sub-par meal versus having something that is truly great. There are many websites you can do this on, Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, etc. TripAdvisor has generally been my favorite because you can search via the highest rated restaurant in any given category. For example, say you were traveling to Los Angeles. You don't know where you want to eat but that you want to stay in a mid-range budget. Trip advisor allows you to select that and the sort restaurants by ranking.

This is a great way to find a highly renowned restaurant and likely have a fantastic meal.

3. Adventure

This is perhaps not the best way to find an outstanding restaurant but a good way to have fun and find something unique. Many people, (including myself at times), will skip out on finding a local restaurant and eat at the hotel or a touristy place nearby. While this is convenient and often leads to decent food, it's usually not too authentic to local cuisine. Next time you're traveling, take an adventure and look for something authentic!

These are very basic but effective ways to find amazing places to eat and have a fun time doing it regardless of where you're traveling to. If you follow any of these steps I'm sure you'll have some great dining experiences. If anyone else has any helpful tips for finding amazing restaurants leave it in the comments below!