• Ethan Nemeth

How To Score Cheap Flights

When planning a vacation, one of the biggest costs can be airfare. If you live in the U.S. you can easily spend $1,500+ a person to travel abroad. Using the strategies in the blog post, I'll show you how to save A LOT when booking your next vacation.

First, let's talk about where to book your flights. The website and city which you book your flights from can have a huge impact on price. For example, let's pretend you live in Detroit, Michigan (like me). You want to travel to Paris this summer with your best friend, so you go online and search Delta's website. Picking a random date in June, A roundtrip ticket to Paris on Delta came up at just under $1,500 in economy.

Detroit to Paris on Delta for $1,482.93 roundtrip

Now say you go ahead and book this ticket, you and your friend each pay about $1,500 for your flight to Paris. However, there is a much better and cheaper alternative. The savvy traveler might not just check Delta, but rather a booking website like Expedia, that compares many airlines. If you did the same search on Expedia, you'd find a roundtrip ticket to Paris for almost $200 less if you're willing to leave on the 8th instead of the 7th.

Detroit to Paris on Expedia for $1,312 roundtrip

$200 is a lot of money that could used on accommodation, meals, transportation, entertainment and almost anything else on your trip. Now here's where the real savings come in. Instead of searching Detroit to Paris, you try New York to Paris. Wow! You find roundtrip tickets for the same dates in June starting at $435 roundtrip!

New York to Paris for $435 roundtrip

You might be thinking "That's an awesome deal! But I don't live in New York". However, think of New York as a connection. If you do an Expedia search for Detroit to New York on the same days you'll find roundtrip tickets starting at $196. That means you could buy the roundtrip ticket to New York and the roundtrip from New York to Paris for $631!

Detroit to New York for $196 roundtrip

Searching from a major city near you can greatly decrease the cost of your flights. If you were to book the first flight on Delta for you and your friend, you would've spent $2,965.86 for two roundtrip tickets to Paris. However, if you booked the two separate flights, (one from Detroit to New York and one from New York to Paris), you would only have paid $1,262 for two tickets! That's over $1,700 you and your friend could be using on hotels, meals, or saving for another trip!

If you are worried you might miss your connection due to a flight delay on your first leg or other cause, you could consider taking out travel insurance or flying to New York a day earlier and getting a hotel. You could easily secure a travel insurance plan for your airfare for a couple hundred dollars. Or you could consider getting a hotel in New York. If you booked your roundtrip ticket from Detroit to New York departing on June 7th and returning on June 15th, and booked your New York to Paris flight departing on June 8th, Returning on June 14th, you could arrive in New York a day earlier than both flights and get a hotel. This would ensure you don't miss a flight, and the cost of two hotel nights in NYC will be nowhere near the amount you'll save.

This trick works for most destinations! Regardless of what city you live in, (Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Denver, etc.), try searching for your destination from another large city such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. More often than not you'll find incredibly lower prices and will be able to save a ton of money. I hope this helps save you some money on your next trip!

Have any of you used this trick before?