• Ethan Nemeth

I Just Stayed At A Capsule Hotel (And Really Liked It?)

Hello from Malaysia! I arrived in Kuala Lumpur this morning around 3:30 am, very tired and yet excited to try out a Capsule hotel. I've seen many of them online especially recently in Asia where they have become a big thing!

There are different variations of them but basically, you are given a small sleeping space with a very minimalistic design. There are bathrooms with showers and lockers to store your bags in and you can usually rent the capsules from anywhere between 4-24 hours. This is perfect if you have an early flight, or arrive super late/early, (like me), and just need a place to crash.

I stayed at one last night/this morning called Capsule Transit in Terminal one of Kuala Lumpur international airport. I liked it a lot and in this post, I'll be sharing a little bit of what it was like!


The check-in process was very easy and quick. After giving my passport and a cash deposit, my friends and I were given locker keys for our luggage, the keys to our pods, (they didn't actually open anything but rather gave the location, turned on the lights within, and allowed you to open certain doors within the hotel), and a shower + dental kit. After this, we were off to check out our capsules!

A Row Of Single-Capsules

The Capsule:

At this hotel, there were three sizes you could get; single, queen or suite for families. My two friends both got singles while my girlfriend and I rented a queen capsule in the photo below.

Inside each capsule, there is a slot to insert your room key which activates the electricity. You have a few controls, one for the lights, one for the power outlet and then a phone and universal power outlet. There is also a privacy curtain that can be pulled down.

Amenities At A Capsule Hotel:

There were showers and bathrooms for men and women located near the entrance, (for the privacy of other guests I didn't take any photos as it was a shared bathroom). At the front desk, there was free bottled water, coffee, and tea, along with a cool little hangout called "The Library" connected to a section of the hotel.

This provided a good hang out space for doing some work or simply not disturbing whoever you are with/people in capsules around you.

Overall, I really liked the concept and enjoyed my stay!

I slept well, check-in and out was very simple and everything I needed was provided. I think this is an excellent option for travelers as it's much more convenient than taking a shuttle/driving to a hotel and is a lot cheaper, (we paid around $100 USD for two single capsules and one queen capsule for 12 hours)! It would be nice if more airports had something like this. If you've never stayed at a capsule/pod hotel I'd recommend it as I think it's a good way to save money and get some rest before/after a flight.

Has anyone else stayed at a capsule hotel and whether or not you have, what are your thoughts on it?