• Ethan Nemeth

Insane Deal! Travel To China For $299!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Every once in a while there's a travel deal that really catches my eye. This deal is about as good as it gets, right now you can book a trip from the United States to China for $299. Roundtrip airfare from the U.S. to China for $299, crazy right?! It gets even better. This deal isn't for just airfare, but for an entire 8-day tour of China. This includes airfare, 4-star hotel accommodations, tours, airport transfers and more. WOW! This sale celebrates the Chinese New Year and is really quite an offer.

Travelzoo is currently selling tours of China through UTO Vacations on select dates between October 2019 and April of 2020. You can check out this deal and view available dates here. This deal is only available for the next 48 hours or until around 11:55 pm eastern time on Tuesday, February 5th. Below is a list of everything included and excluded in the $299 price.

As you can see, only select U.S. cities come with the $299 price tag. However, many other cities are available for an additional cost. Even if you have to paying an additional amount to leave from another city, you're still pay substantially less than you would pay for roundtrip airfare to China, 7+ nights of 4-star hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, tours, airport transfers, etc.

Photo Credits To UTO Vacations

Availability is pretty good, with a solid number of days offering the attractive $299 price tag. This eight-day tour consists of Beijing, Shanghai, and a couple other cool places. You can check out the itinerary here. If you've ever wanted to visit China, there's never been a better time!