• Ethan Nemeth

My Impression Flying JetStar Airlines

I'm writing this post from my hotel room in Sydney, as I recently arrived in Australia! Yesterday I arrived from Honolulu via JetStar Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas. This was my first time flying with them so I figured I'd share my thoughts.

The Plane & Seating

Our flight was on a 787, also called the "Dreamliner". It's one of the newest planes out there and features mood lighting throughout the cabin, electronic window tint, and seat-back TVs. The plane is incredibly nice and on-par, if not better, with what you would find on any full-service carrier operating a trans-pacific flight. The seats had a good amount of legroom and the adjustable headrest was a nice addition.

Our JetStar 787

Photo Credits To JetStar Airlines

Food & Drinks:

The menu on our flight was the most extensive economy menu I've ever had. I should've taken photos of it, (my bad), but it had a good amount of options at somewhat reasonable prices. Throughout the flight I ordered multiple meals for myself and friends and almost all of them weren't very good. Some of the snacks were decent but I wouldn't recommend the macaroni and cheese or any of the noodle dishes.

Staff & Entertainment:

Everyone on the ground and in the air was very nice and helpful! The flight attendants were much nicer than what you're accustomed to on many flights, (that might have just been a good crew or could be the usual for JetStar). A good cabin crew can really make or break an experience, and in our case they made out experience very pleasant. There were TVs on the flight for $10 AUD, ($7 USD), for the entirety of the flight and there was no WIFI.

Photo Credits To JetStar Airlines

Overall Experience:

I found JetStar to be a good airline. The staff were nice, the airplane was very cool, and for a low-cost carrier, I found it to be very good. In addition to this, it was by far the cheapest option from Hawaii to Australia. We paid $225 a person for a non-stop 10-hour flight with bags and seat selection. No other airline could even come close to that. That being said, even if the service wasn't that great, (which it was!), I'd probably still fly them again just due to that factor. The main takeaway from this is that I had a good experience with JetStar and wouldn't hesitate to fly them.

Has anyone else flown JetStar Airlines?