• Ethan Nemeth

My Trip Around The World

As I wrote about in a previous post, I'll be traveling for two months this upcoming summer to many new places. As my trip is now almost finalized, I wanted to update you on where exactly we're going and where we'll be staying so you can know what reviews to be expecting in the future and follow Exotic Skies on our trip! First off, let me explain a little about how this journey got put into motion.

How This Trip Started

A few years ago I got really into travel. I've always loved going on vacation, (who doesn't?), but I started to read travel blogs, watch videos about traveling to different cities, and basically, I got a bad case of wanderlust. With three years left until graduation, I started planning what would be one of the biggest trips of my life. In June of this year, I'll be traveling around the world for eight weeks with three of my best friends.

Where We'll Be Traveling To

Since I wanted to go into more detail about this trip, now that almost everything is solidified, I figured we'd start with the countries we'll be visiting. My friends and I will be traveling to 19 cities in 13 countries across four continents. We'll be starting the main part of this trip in Hawaii, (what better place to start?), but before that spending a day or two in Alberta and Vancouver, Canada then continuing on to Australia ➞ Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Japan) ➞ Europe (U.K, France, Netherlands) ➞ Africa. It's a full itinerary!

An Example Of Part Of Our Trip Routing

Where We'll Be Staying

When I dreamed up this trip, I wanted to stay at some of the most incredible hotels imaginable. I had read every list of hotel rankings, (TripAdvisor's Reader's Choice, Forbes Travel Guide, Travel and Leisure, etc.), and become obsessed with staying at these amazing places. Although many of these incredible hotels and resorts came with incredible price tags, it actually wasn't that bad. A hotel that would easily cost $600+ a night if in New York City costed maybe a third of that in many cities in Asia. Michelin restaurants become less expensive in Thailand than in Europe and on top of that there always seemed to be an abundance of deals out there. It seemed I had found the way to plan a crazy luxurious trip on a budget, (although by no means was this trip cheap, it was definitely cheaper than it would have been doing it in almost any other country/city pairing).

After months of searching for deals, purchasing points from hotel programs during the latest promotion and finding ways to book hotels for less, we had gotten a good deal at many of the hotels we wished to stay at. A couple of the noteworthy hotels and resorts we've booked include the famous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, The InterContiental in Singapore, The Ritz Carlton Resort in Bali, and The Surawongse Hotel in Bangkok.

I'll be leaving for this trip in June with my great friends Joshua, Taylor, and William. Once that trip begins you can expect to see many more luxurious hotel and resort reviews along with the possible post from a guest author, (more on that later). If you're looking to plan a trip or something interesting to read check out these other posts:

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