• Ethan Nemeth

Right in Times Square: A Review of The New York Marriott Marquis

Hello from NYC! I've spent the last couple of days in New York as an early birthday present from my parents. The trip has been fantastic so far and something I really enjoyed was the excellent location of our hotel. In this post, I'll be reviewing the New York Marriott Marquis!

Hotel Location

I can't say enough good things about this hotel's location. Right when you walk out you're in Times Square. There are always plenty of taxis/ubers/lyfts right outside the hotel entrance and the subway is also very close. This is the best hotel I've stayed at in New York City in terms of being central to many of the cities key tourist attractions.


When you arrive at the hotel you'll need to take the elevators up to floor 8, (the hotel lobby), where you can proceed to check-in. There wasn't a bad line when we arrived and we had everything done in less than 10 minutes. Below are some photos of the hotel lobby:

One thing that is unique about this hotel is that the lobby has an open center where you can see all the way to the top floor. I've stayed in tall hotels before but generally, you don't think much of it due to the fact you can't actually see all the floors. Watching the elevators go up and down reminded me of something out of a space movie. The image below shows the P.O.V. from the lobby looking up.

The Room

After check in we headed up to the 29th floor. The hotel is currently undergoing renovations a couple of floors at a time, (It seems floors 45-37 are done while 36-33 are currently under construction). Due to this, some hallways and rooms have older interiors/exteriors than others.

A Newly Renovated Floor

The rooms were nice and very spacious for New York City. The bedding was comfortable with two sets of lights next to each bed which was nice at night.

The other nice features of the room were the couch, ample seating area around the desk and the decent sized bathroom. The room also had a large safe, coffee machine, and a bigger size flatscreen TV.

Overall the room was pretty good. It provided everything you'd expect to find in a good hotel and was a very generous size for New York. Especially compared to many other hotel rooms located around Times Square.

The Executive Lounge

Thanks to my mom's platinum status, we were given access to the executive lounge. It provided a nice place to hang out and have some hors d'oeuvres. I also appreciate being able to grab water bottles whenever I desire.

The lounge is located on the 30th floor and makes good use of space for NYC. I did enjoy having access, however, if not included with your room rate and or Marriott status I wouldn't pay a large additional amount to gain access as many hotels can charge an extra $50-75+ per day for lounge access. It's also good to note that the lounge is not open on weekends.

The Fitness Center

Many people enjoy being able to work out on vacation, especially longer ones. I typically don't use hotel fitness centers very often but this summer I will be gone for a couple of months and am counting on hotel gyms to stay in shape. Below are a few photos of what the fitness center looks like:

I thought the gym had a good amount of machines and it was relatively empty while I was there. One feature that I particularly enjoyed is that free water bottles and Gatorade are available.

Food & Dining

Although I generally try to avoid eating at hotel restaurants, (I like going out and trying new things), it's always nice to have the option of room service or grabbing something in the lobby. This hotel had a couple of restaurants that looked pretty good and more notably, the only rotating restaurant in New York City. Located on the 48th floor, "The View" looked very nice from pictures I saw online. However, I never ventured up there.


I really enjoyed my time at this hotel. The located was fantastic, the rooms were a good size, and we had no issues during our stay. If you're planning a trip to NYC soon and looking for a hotel near Times Square/Broadway, look no further!