• Ethan Nemeth

Save Money On Amazon Purchases With A Single Point

Right now you can save either $15 or $30 off an Amazon Purchase of $60 or more with Chase and American Express Credit Cards. Here's how it works:

With Chase:

Click this link to see if you're eligible for the offer, it will take you to an Amazon page that looks like this:

Click the button at the bottom of the page that says "Click to activate". If you are eligible, pay with your Chase card at checkout and you'll be given the option of using any points you have towards your purchase. As long as you use at least 1 point, you should get $15 taken off your total of $60+. This promotion goes until July 3rd.

With American Express:

Before gaining access to this promotion, you'll need to connect your American Express membership Rewards Card to your Amazon account. After that, click this link to see if you're eligible for the promotion. At check out, pay with your AMEX card and use at least one point to score $30 off your total of $60+. This promotion shows it running until the end of 2019.

These are two great and simple ways to use just one point and save a decent amount of money on Amazon purchases. Especially considering the wide range of things you can buy, whether you want a new travel toiletry bag or an Uber gift card, this promotion could make that cheaper for you!