• Ethan Nemeth

Spending A Week In Japan

Bonjour from France! I'm currently on a train from Amsterdam to Paris and while I have some time on my hands, I want to write about my recent trip to Japan. I recently spent seven nights in Japan traveling between the beautiful cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. I want to share my impression of Japan along with a few tips for anyone looking to head there in the future!

The People In Japan:

One thing that's always interesting to me about visiting a new place is how locals interact when asking for directions, ordering at restaurants, etc. I've been to many places where people seem to go above and beyond anywhere we go to be helpful, (Indonesia), and other places where it seems no one wants to be helpful, (*cough* *cough* France). Obviously, these interactions are limited to my experiences and cannot come anywhere close to representing the experiences of others, but I'm always intrigued to see what people are like in new places.

Japan has some really nice people. My Japanese is not good by any means. I can say a couple of basic things, (my most used phrase was "I'm sorry, I cannot speak Japanese well. Can you speak English?"). Everyone I interacted with, regardless of whether or not they spoke English, tried very hard to help us in any way that they could. There was never a situation where I felt someone was being rude or didn't want to help us. I love the people in Japan!

Public Transit:

Trains in Japan are very convenient and fast. I recommend that you get a rail pass if you plan on spending more than a week in Japan. We took the trains almost everywhere and the subways have English and Japanese maps, which made getting around a lot easier. The busses are other forms of train also seemed to run smoothly. I recommend using Google Maps or City Mapper to get around.

Food & Shopping:

The food and shopping in Japan are amazing! I had great sushi, the best ramen of my life and a lot of interesting snacks along the way. The best advice I can give to anyone going to Japan is to try new foods, you won't have a hard time finding something yummy! If you're looking to buy clothes, souvenirs or... well anything, you won't have a hard time finding it in Tokyo. Shibuya has some excellent shopping and you should defiantly check out the area if you're ever in Tokyo.


I enjoyed my time in Japan a lot. The people were very nice and that always makes a trip enjoyable. I had some tasty food and got to try a lot of new things. Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo were all absolutely beautiful! I was surprised by how modern even the more cultural and older areas in Kyoto were. The country is gorgeous and I think there's something there for every type of traveler!