• Ethan Nemeth

The Best Hotel Staff I've Ever Had

I spent three nights in Cambodia earlier this week and, (not surpassingly because everyone in Southeast Asia has been so kind), met some of the most amazing hotel staff I've ever encountered. A little background on the trip:

My three friends and I stayed at The Grand Elysee La Residence in Siem Reap, one of the few 5-star hotels in the area. None of us had ever been to Cambodia, and this was the first time in Asia for 3/4 of us. Going into this stay, we had moderate expectations. We knew it was going to be generally upscale, (as you should expect from a 5-star hotel), and it had good reviews, but I don't think any of us could have predicted we would have the staff we did.

The Pool And Relaxing Area At The Grand Elysee La Residence

What Made The Staff So Good:

When I think of good hotel staff, the first thing that comes to mind is service and attitude. People there to greet you with a smile, take your bags, maybe escort you to your room. However, a great staff is usually great because they know how to make things personal, and that's exactly what this hotel did.

As soon as we arrived at the airport, our hotel driver was waiting with a sign. He took our luggage, greeted us each individually, and offered us quick information about exchanging money and getting a sim card. This had us off to a good start. When we arrived at the hotel, the manager and a good amount of the staff walked outside to welcome us. It was raining at the time and the hotel receptionists came out with umbrellas for us. At this point, we were impressed.

Housekeeping Kept Our Room Neat And Brought Us Lots Of Water Bottles!

Then it got so much better. All staff greeted us individually and after check-in, I was always greeted by name regardless of the staff member until the moment I was dropped off at the airport. That made things very personal. In addition to this, the front desk receptionist offered us discounts at the spa, helped us call a tuk-tuk, set up all of our sim-cards, offered us restaurant recommendations, etc. All of which was incredibly helpful and made our stay very pleasurable.

I Tried Beef Lok Lak At The Recommendation Of The Hotel Staff, It Was Fantastic!

Above and Beyond:

As if this wasn't enough, the staff got even better. Housekeeping always made sure to sweep the room, replace our towels, and give us new water when we went out, sometimes multiple times a day. The staff offered to take us where the locals hang out and we had an amazing time and got to know some of them better. All of this really made our stay and I can't say I've ever had a more personal experience with staff members of any hotel.

What's the best hotel staff experience you've ever had?