• Ethan Nemeth

The Most Helpful Travel Tips (Flying Cheap First Class, How To Get A Visa, Etc.)

I started writing Exotic Skies earlier this year and have loved helping people enhance their travel! Whether helping to find a cheap flight, learning about travel immunizations, or simply looking at cool photos, I hope everyone has enjoyed something about this blog.

That being said, new readers are coming every day! I love you guys and I'm happy you have made it over here. Some of the best travel advice I've written was within the first couple months of starting this blog, (when I had the least amount of readers). Due to this, many of you who are new to reading Exotic Skies missed some of my favorite travel hacks (sad face). In this post I'm going to share, in my opinion, some of the most useful tips & tricks I've shared so far!

Let's get started:

How To Score Cheap Flights. This is probably one of the most helpful articles I've written if you're looking to save money when flying!

Business and First Class Flights:

1. How To Fly First Class For 90% Off (great for special occasions where you want to splurge but can't quite afford to pay for first/business class).

2. Business Class. What To Look For And What To Avoid. (Read this before booking!!)

3. First Class. The Best, the Worst, The One I Want To Fly Most.

Miles, Points, and Saving Money:

1. Using Miles To Book Cheaper Flights. There is great value to be found here.

2. The Importance Of Travel Credit Cards. Having certain credit cards can bring you a world of free travel perks.

3. Save Money On Amazon Purchases With A Single Point. This is helpful if you use Amazon.

Other Helpful Posts:

1. My Favorite Hotel Loyalty Program. This is great for getting free nights at virtually any hotel worldwide.

2. Five Travel Apps Everyone Needs. (For the tech-savvy travelers in all of us).

3. Everything You Need To Know About Visas. If you plan to travel to any country requiring a visa, this should help make understanding the visa process a breeze!

4. Great Travel Destinations Often Underrated. Great post for travel inspiration.

5. How To Fight Jet Lag. Everyone switching time zones needs this!

6. Travel Immunizations, From A-Z. This is extremely helpful to read before visiting any international destination.

7. Parental Consent Forms, Traveling With Kids/As A Minor. This post contains useful information for traveling with kids or a minor traveling without parents.

8. Everything You Need To Know About Exchanging Money. $$$

9. Why You Might Want To Book Your Next Hotel Stay With Virtuoso. Spoiler alert, you can get great perks like free breakfast, late/early check-in/out, $100 resort credit, etc.

10. How To Eat At Amazing Restaurants All Over The World. Who doesn't love good food?

I'd like to thank you all again for reading my blog! I enjoy writing for you guys and hope you enjoy reading. If there is anything you would like me to write more about, such as deals to certain countries/places, how to travel to various destinations, really any travel-related topic, write it in the comments below and I'll do my best to include it in a future post!

Happy Travels!