• Ethan Nemeth

The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua

This five-diamond award-winning resort is spread out across 54 acres, with 463 rooms and suites. Rates here can easily be $850+ a night, depending on the month you visit. I was very excited when I found out we'd be staying here and from the moment we arrived, I was stunned by the beauty of this resort.

Pulling Up to The Hotel Lobby

The rooms were a good size and had some nice finished. The bathroom was marble and had a his and hers side to it which was greatly appreciated. I love how green the view from the balcony is, not to mention how soft the bathrobe was.

The Marble Touches Made The Bathroom Look Very Nice

What A Beautiful Balcony View

The property itself is massive. There are six restaurants, multiple pools, and beautiful paths all around. The beautiful paths along the ocean made walking from point to point very enjoyable. The location of the resort makes the natural scenery very over the top.

The beach was stunning and had some great waves for surfing at times (although unfortunately I never did). One thing that I really like about this place is how isolated it feels. Although there were other resorts nearby and people at the beach, it felt like I was on my own island. Aside from the beach, the pools were very nice too. The design allowed them to flow down into one another, which added a cool look to it.

The hotel had a very nice breakfast buffet and excellent coffee according to my family, (I personally don't drink the stuff). My only complaint is the $70 price tag. Ouch.

My Breakfast At The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

My Take

I loved staying at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. It is an amazing property and the rooms are very nice. However, I don't feel it was very personable for the cost. The staff at the resort were kind, but nothing felt over the top or personal. At other luxury hotels, (that cost much less than $850 a night), I've felt the service was much better and tailored. Once again though, the resort definitely doesn't lack in beauty.

You Can See The Resort In The Top Right Corner