• Ethan Nemeth

The Riu Cancun - All Inclusive Resort

Hello from Mexico! For the past six days I've been spending some time at Hotel Riu in Cancun for spring break. I generally only review luxury hotels and ones I find to be particularly good or interesting and as this was both good and a five star hotel I figured I'd write about it.

Booking & Check In

I'm here with six other people and we all booked the trip through Delta Vacations. This was personally the first time ever using their vacation packages but it was a very easy and helpful process. You can book directly from the hotel's website where prices are generally around what you'd find on third party websites.

The workers at the hotel were all very polite and attentive. Upon checking in we were given an extra room for free which was very nice. The wait time to check in can be somewhat long but it was spring break and they offer you drinks when you come in.

The Resort Itself

Overall, I really enjoyed staying at The Riu. I love to swim, I love the beach, and I love the people I came here with, so this resort was pretty much paradise. First, they have extensive pools with great views. Here are a couple photos I took of the resort pools, my favorite one is the infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

Infinity Pool Overlooking The Ocean

In addition to the pools, The Riu also enjoys a long stretch of beachfront property with stunning views. I enjoyed hanging out on one of the many beach chairs.

The Swim-Up Bar Was A Nice Place To Get An Afternoon Smoothie

Aside from the pools and the beach, the resort had a lot to do. One of the coolest things was the evening show. It was different every night and could range from musical acts to ancient ceremonies. Below is a photo of the stage.

The Room

The hotel room was good but nothing noteworthy. The beds were comfortable and the rooms has a nice view, but nothing special to talk about. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the room until we had already been staying there a couple of days but here's what it looks like:

The View From Our Room

The Mini-Fridge Had A Good Selection And There Are Also Liquor Dispensers In The Room

I enjoyed the comfortable beds and daily restocked mini-fridge. However, the TV was pretty small and although the room was nice, it didn't exactly feel up to standards with a five-star hotel.

Everything Else

A lot goes into making a great resort and I'd say The Riu does a pretty good job. The staff is all very friendly and accommodating to whatever it is you need which is such a huge part of the experience. The property is beautiful and truly stunning to walk through, (below I attached a couple of photos I took walking through the Resort).

Beautiful Hotel Grounds

Another thing I liked about the resort is that there was often an activity going on you could join, (yoga, beach volleyball, a foam party), that certainly made the stay more fun!

The Foam Party Was One Of My Favorite Parts

The last part worthy of a mention is the food. Not for being good or bad but for the humorous experience we had with it. The resort has various restaurants, (A Steak House, Italian, Japanese, etc.), however there is one main buffet that seems was feeding some of the other restaurants.

Our first two nights we ate at the main buffet, (which had many options and was pretty good), but the third night we decided to eat at one of the two Italian restaurants. We sat down to eat and they informed us it was a buffet, when we walked to the buffet we realized the restaurant connected to the main buffet through another door, and the idea was that you got food from the Italian section if you ate there. I thought it was kind of odd but also funny we were back where we had been the past couple days.

Over the rest of our stay it became apparent that yet another one of the restaurants connected to the main buffet through another door. So in reality, there are five restaurants, (Steak House, Japanese, Main Buffet, Italian and another outdoor one), instead of the seven that you originally think there are. The food options were good and the service was great, it was never hard to get any type of food or drink.

Final Impression

I really enjoyed staying at The Riu Cancun. It's a gorgeous resort with great pools and a very nice beach. I wouldn't hesitate to come back!