• Ethan Nemeth

The World's Most Luxurious Hotel Brands

When I think of luxury hotel brands, many names come to mind. Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Rosewood, Mandarin Oriental, etc. There are many upscale hotel chains out there, but what separates the following elite brands is the unrivaled service, excellent and often unique locations, and the constant strive for world-class accommodations. Without further adieu, here are, (In my opinion and in no particular order), seven of the world's most luxurious hotel chains.

7. Mandarin Oriental

This Asia based hotel chain prides itself on being one of the best in the world. Mandarin Oriental has more than 30 locations around the globe with flagship properties in Bangkok and Hong Kong. The dedication of each hotel to luxurious living and impeccable gastronomy will leave even the seasoned travel in awe.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, Turkey. Photo Credits to Mandarin Oriental.

6. Four Seasons

This Canadian based company is well known for being a top contender in the international luxury hospitality industry. This refined group of hotels share exceptional properties all over the world and multiple billionaire backers, including Bill Gates. More than 100 exclusive Four Seasons hotels and resorts can be found spread out across five continents around the globe. Many destinations feature unique settings such as the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Serengeti, which showcases an infinity pool that overlooks an elephant-populated watering hole. This classy hotel brand is well worthy of its spot on the list.

The Indoor Pool at The Four Seasons Shangahi Pudong. Photo Credits to Four Seasons

5. One&Only Resorts

This is one of the youngest brands on this list, opening its first property in 2002. A huge part of One&Only is offering the highest level of service possible at unique and beautiful locations such as South Africa, Mauritius, Rwanda, and many more. Known for their luxurious wellness sanctuaries and highly-rated gastronomic experiences, One&Only Resorts are among the best in the world.

One&Only The Palm, Dubai. Photo Credits: One&Only Resorts

4. Six Senses

This is another young brand, founded in 1995. Six Sense is well known for luxurious five-star hotels and resorts that adapt into their local surroundings and focus on sustainability. All properties have incredibly unique designs and immaculate attention to detail. In addition to all of us, Six Senses won the 2018 Travel + Leisure award for best hotel brand.

Six Sense Yao Noi. Photo Credits to Six Sense

3. Rosewood

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts is a five-star international luxury company that operated an exclusive 24 properties around the world. "Inspired by elegant wanderlust", these ultra-posh resorts and hotels are famous for incredible accommodation, superb location and one of the utmost travel experiences out there. One goal of Rosewood is to seamlessly blend their properties into the local culture of the locations they stand through design and sustainability.

The Indoor Pool at The Rosewood Beijing. Photo Credits to Priceline and Rosewood Hotels

2. The Peninsula Hotels

If you catch yourself spotting a Rolls-Royce pulling up to your hotel every couple of minutes, you're likely at one of The Peninsula Hotels. Synonymous for ultimate luxury, The Peninsula Hotels company opened its first property in 1928. Its flagship hotel in Hong Kong is now the oldest in this city, not to mention one of the classiest. The Peninsula hotel in Bangkok has been named the #1 hotel in Asia, which is no surprise given the extraordinary service and classic luxury experience.

The Peninsula Hong Kong. Photo Credits to Booking.com and The Peninsula Hotels

1. Aman

Aman is renowned worldwide for exceptional locations designed with local architecture and culture in mind. A major focus of Aman hotels and resorts is intimate privacy, which leads them to have some of the most luxurious accommodations out there. Another major focus is to provide service unparalleled to any other, often resulting in a near magical stay. All of this leads Aman to be one of the leading luxury hotel brands today.

The Aman Resort in Utah, Photo Credits to Aman

There you have it, seven of the most luxurious hotel brands out there. Of course, there are many other luxury hotel groups that could easily be on the list such as Belmond, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, etc. Do you agree with my list? Is there another hotel brand that you think should've been on there?