• Ethan Nemeth

Trip Update: Heading To Northern Thailand!

Hello from Bangkok!

I'm currently getting ready to head for Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and wanted to write a trip update of how everything's going. In this post, I'll be including a couple of things we've done so far and some tips for visiting certain sights in Bangkok!

The Ferry Ride To Koh Phangan

First, we headed to Koh Phangan:

In my previous post, I wrote about traveling to Koh Phangan, where the full and half-moon parties are held. We all had fun in Koh Phangan, but due to the high amount of travel involved in getting there and the limited number of actives on the island, I'd recommend traveling to another destination in Thailand if the option is available.

The nice thing about accommodation in Koh Phangan is that there are a vast number of great AirBnbs, so for anyone looking to get a villa with some friends or family, you can do so for a cheaper price.

The Interior Of Our AirBnb

My Friend Josh Floating In Our Pool


We spent the last four nights in the wild city of Bangkok. Over the past few days, we have done some exploring and visited some pretty cool sights. The Royal Palace was the #1 place on our list so naturally, we headed there first.

It is a beautiful sight and a very compound. You can spend hours walking around the area and looking at the architecture and museum. If you're ever in the city, I defiantly recommend checking it out. The entrance ticket costs 500 Thai Baht a person, (roughly $16 USD), but is definitely worth it.

Pro Tip: Beware of scams as many people will try to tell you it is closed or have you use a different entrance than the normal one for three times the price. Only buy tickets from the main the ticket office. There are also occasionally younger adults and teenagers than come up to you asking you to fill out a survey or sign a petition. Be especially careful of this, as while you are signing/filling out a petition/survey, you will likely have your belongings stolen by someone reaching into your pockets. Many travelers who have been to Europe may be familiar with this scam. There are many signs warning you of pickpockets too, just be careful and you'll have a great time!

Next, we headed to Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha. I did not expect it to be as massive as it was! This wat is really breathtaking and I'd strongly recommend it if you visit Thailand. The entry fee is 200 Thai Baht, (roughly $6.50 USD), and it's totally worth it as well.

The Reclining Buddha At Wat Pho

There are plenty of other things to do in Bangkok, but if you're looking to see some of the cultural side of the city, definitely don't skip this!

I'll be writing another post soon reviewing the two hotels we stayed at in Bangkok:

A Marriott Hotel "The Surawongse" and The Chatrium Riverside Hotel.

Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse

he Chatrium Riverside Hotel

Stay Tuned!