• Ethan Nemeth

U.S. To South Africa For $532+

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Update: Business class

South Africa is an increasingly popular tourist destination and one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. Airfare between the United States and South Africa is usually upwards of $1,500, but right now you can get a roundtrip ticket for as low as $532. These low fares are available to Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. So far I see availability from now until May and in September. The cheapest flights can be found from New York, Los Angles Washington D.C., and Chicago. However, it is possible there are additional cities and or dates where these deals can be found.

New York To Johannesburg For $532 - Photo Credits To Google Flights

Flights can easily be found using Google Flights. If you're planning a trip to South Africa, now's the time to book!