• Ethan Nemeth

Why You Might Want To Book Your Next Hotel Stay With Virtuoso

This is a quick tip for anyone looking to get extra perks at your next hotel stay! Virtuoso is a place you can book hotels and resorts, ( just like TripAdvisor or Trivago), but also get some really cool extra perks. Virtuoso is a collection of travel agencies that focus on luxurious travel. There are some key differences between Virtuoso and other booking agencies but there are also some great perks. For example, booking a hotel through a Virtuoso agent will generally get you the following:

Room Upgrade to Next Category (If Available)

Free Breakfast For Two (Daily)

Late/Early Check-In/Out (If Available)

A $100 Credit

That's pretty good, right? There are a couple of main differences when using Virtuoso vs another booking agency. The first one is that Virtuoso is only intended to be used if you are traveling with a maximum of two people. If you are traveling with 3 or more in your party, Virtuoso isn't right for that trip. Another difference is that the rate you pay when booking through Virtuoso is usually around what you'd pay for a flexible rate at that property. So you may pay less than saver rates, but you will get the extra perks. Before booking however you should always compare the cost between multiple websites.

If you'd like to book a hotel through Virtuoso, you can do so online here. After selecting a destination, a list of luxurious hotels will show up looking something like this:

Photo Credits to Virtuoso

Click where it says "Virtuoso Amenities" to see what perks you will get at that specific hotel/resort. If you chose, for example, the Peninsula in Shanghai, this is what that list would look like:

Photo Credits to Virtuoso

Virtuoso is something I've read about many times and it offers some cool perks so I figured I'd pass it forward. Next time you plan on staying in a nice hotel/resort, check if it's on Virtuoso and what perks you can get by booking through them!